Lucy Doherty - September 14 2022

Meet our Digital Marketing Consultant -
Rebecca Eames

Hey Rebecca - We are so excited to learn more about your journey as a Digital Marketer. When did you start working at Away That Day, and what is your role? 

August marks one year since I started working for Away That Day as their Digital Marketer. Inge (ATD Founder) and I met for coffee and chatted about all things Social Media, sustainability, and the future of the brand. Shortly after I was asked to join the team and I haven’t looked back! 

We heard you were a customer before you joined the team, can you tell us a little bit more about your personal journey with the brand?

Yes! After being on the hunt to reinvent my wardrobe with conscious buys, I found Away That Day and I bought the Rio Set in Ivory (this still stands as my favourite ATD set), I was blown away by the quality and the longevity - 3 years later, I still have this piece and it’s as good as new! 

What are your day to day activities? 

Curating content for Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Instagram. For Pinterest, this can be in the form of creating unique ads, for Tik Tok, a viral video, and for Instagram, interactive stories. 

What is your current favourite Social Media platform? 

Pinterest! Not only is it personally such a great space as a creative, but it’s also one of the platforms I highly recommend to businesses as it has an audience of 422 million monthly active users making it an ideal platform for organic engagement as well as paid advertisements. 

What is your top tip for growing on Social Media? 

Consistency and valuable content! It doesn’t matter the platform or whether you are trying to build your personal brand or business, consistency and providing an audience with valuable content is the answer to growth on Social Media! 

How would you describe your personal summer style?

Effortlessly chic. Emphasis on the ‘effortless’! Coming from Barbados where it is hot all year round, it has always been essential for me to know how to dress for comfort in the heat. Think, lots of linens, flowy silhouettes, and light-colored clothing. I love bringing statements to my muted summer wardrobe with vintage silk scarfs and chunky gold jewelry.  

What is your favourite ATD set from the SS22 collection? 

That’s a hard choice! If I had to choose I would go with the Zebra Rio Set. I’m obsessed with this unique print, and I love that you can mix and match it with pieces from the core collection.