Some see trash, we see treasure

Do you love the ocean as much as we do?

Well, every time you buy an AWAY THAT DAY swimsuit, you will be contributing to AQUAFIL; a non-profit organisation who’s helping to free our oceans from waste.

‘’The purpose of this initiative is to clean the oceans of marine litter such as derelict fishnets responsible for the needless death of marine animals.’’

We have partnered up with AQUAFIL, an organization helping to keep our seas healthy.

The Process

1. Rescue

Collecting unwanted materials from oceans all over the world.

2. Regenerate

The waste is processed, purified and then transformed into high quality, durable and sustainable fabric.

3. Evaluate

This 100% regenerated fabric is then shipped to Italy for evaluation, so you receive only the highest quality polyamide.

4. Recycle

The breakthrough material is used to make each and every beautiful AWAY THAT DAY.