Sustainability + Our Ethos

Our Fabrics.

We use revolutionary materials that's kinder to the planet. 

Econyl® - The Econyl® fiber supports the removal of marine debris from our ocean and is made from regenerated waste including ocean plastics, nylon scraps, and ghost fishing nets. This yarn is then used to create the luxurious, soft and durable fabric we use to make most of our swimwear. Learn more about the process here.

Pyratex® - Pyratex® active 1 is an EOEKO-TEX certified polyamide with enhanced biodegradation. This fabric decomposes within just 5 years when disposed of in landfill conditions thanks to being digested by bacteria existing in this anaerobic environment. The composition of the elastane in this yarn is the same raw material as normal spandex, but with an added technology (a fruit polymer) to make it degradable. It is also incredibly soft, has fast absorption and quick to dry. 

Recycled Polyamide - Depending on the design, we either use Econyl® to line the item or where appropriate, a lighter weight material that is made from 90% recycled polyamide. This produces significantly less carbon emissions than virgin polyamide during the production process. It also helps to divert waste from landfills and keep it out of our seas.

Lenzing™ Viscose. LENZING™ Viscose is made from wood-based cellulosic fibers and has a history of 80 years. This experience enables Lenzing to produce fibers which set the industrial standards for quality and environmentally sustainable production. 

Lenzing™ Viscose / Linen blend. Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics out there. It’s strong, breathable and made from flax plant fibres which grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides. This means it is a renewable resource, one that is fast growing and can be produced without damaging the environment. We use a beautiful fabric made in Turkey that combines a blend of Viscose and Linen to help reduce creasing. 

Our Packaging.

100% Recycled Plastic & Reusable Swim bag - Not only is this perfect for storing your swim to keep it safe, this little swim bag is also reusable and made with 100% recycled plastic. 

FSC Certified, 100% recyclable cardboard box made with a minimum of 70% recycled material - We proudly package every Away That Day item purchased in one of our custom made, resealable boxes so you can use it again. Every box is FSC certified supporting responsible forestry. 

Our Swing Tags.

All of our swing tags are made from 100% recyclable, agricultural straw waste - This is derived from crop residue consisting of the dry stems and leaves left after the harvest of cereals, legumes and other crops.

Our Suppliers.

Away That Day only works with trusted suppliers that not only support ethical work practices, but also share certification. We also request certification throughout our entire supply chain to ensure every supplier meet our standards. 

Our practices.

Every Away That Day garment is lovingly and ethically made by our small manufacturers in the UK, Europe and India. We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing team who shares our ethos, values and who are just as enthusiastic about sustainability as we are. 

Manufacturing all of our garments closer to our London office means we lower our C02 emissions and also enables us to visit our factories more frequently. Our factories have a no-waste approach when it comes to everything they do, including energy-saving machinery and solely using recycled packaging. 

Canopy Planet.

We are delighted to be partnered with Canopy to help our commitment on reducing the risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

Read more about our commitment to protect forests through our paper, packaging and fabric choices here.

Our 'Recycle your swim' initiative. Get involved:

Out with the old, in with the new. (The sustainable way).

We are always looking for ways to evolve and do more for the planet, so to try and minimise waste, we have started our ‘Recycle your swim’ initiative - Out with the old, in with the new (The sustainable way).
What if there was an easy (and rewarding) way you can recycle your old & worn down swimwear plus get a brand new bikini with a 'pat-yourself-on-the-back' discount code?
Well, now you can. We are officially accepting worn down or broken swimwear from any brand (yep, any brand), which would have otherwise been thrown out and taken to landfill. Alongside our ethical London factory, we will be sending your old swimwear to our trusted recycling parter, where it will then be recycled into industrial materials such as eco-carpet underlay and other industrial & textile products. (Pretty cool, right?!)
GET INVOLVED IN 4 EASY STEPS: How to recycle your old or broken swimwear (and get your reward):
1. Make sure your old / worn down swimwear is clean. (A cold wash will be fine).
2. Remove all metal / hardware and any other attachments from your swimwear. This includes zippers, sliders, buckles and underwire. (You can cut these off - Don’t worry if you have to cut into the fabric - It will be broken down and recycled anyway).
3. Package your swimwear and send it to the following address with your name and email address inside the parcel.
Archer Street Studios
10/11 Archer Street
Unit 11 (Away That Day)
4. Email us and let us know your package is on it's way along with your name and email address. Make sure the subject line reads; ‘RECYCLE YOUR SWIM’ and we will send you a 15% discount code to use on your next Away That Day purchase as soon as we receive your package.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you in advance for taking part in this circular movement!